• Wiha Torque QuickCheck

Features & Benefits

  • Application
    - For the regular inspection of following Wiha torque tools:
    - TorqueVario-S 0,8 - 5,0 Nm (Industry, electric, ESD)
       - TorqueVario-S 2,0 - 7,0 Nm (Industry, electric)
       - iTorque 0,8 - 3Nm
       - iTorque 1,0 - 5,0 Nm
    - CAUTION: no test instrument. The quickCheck has a tolerance of +/-2 %. In addition, the tolerance of the Wiha torque screwdriver (mostly +/-6%) has to be added. Thus, in worst case, up to +/- 8% deviation can still be indicated as "OK". Therefore, it is merely a quick-tester with orientation character and no testing device!

  • Target group
     For industry and craft

  • Competition / Market
    First mobile quick check on the market

  • Increases your safety: Checking your torque tool regularly guarantees safe, precise work with the correct torque.

  • Increases your efficiency: Fast, easy checking of your torque tool thanks to mobile, compact shape.

  • Saves time: LED traffic light system displays results in a way which is quick and easy to understand. 

  • Further product advantages
    - If the user sends in his torque tool for calibration and it returns with the result "outside tolerance", it is difficult for him to estimate since when and  where he has used the wrong torque value. So he has to ask himself if he should check all the work of the past period or take the risk of something going wrong due to using a torque tool, that is no longer working correctly and causing eventually faulty screw connections. With the help of the Torque QuickCheck, he can check daily whether the torque tool still works within the tolerances and thus saves time and money .
    - The Torque QuickCheck also helps to find the right time of calibrating a torque tool. The recommendation 5,000 circuits or 1 year is rarely practical. And: The term circuits is understood differently by the user. Most users interpret it as one screw connection, but most users switch the tool several times per screw connection. The daily check before using the Wiha torque tools provides certainty, that his tool works with the correct torque value, and saves money for unnecessary calibration.

  • Further technical information:
    - Accuracy: +/- 2% (furthermore the tolerance of the torque tool (mostly +/- 6%) has to be added)
    - 2x AAA Batteries included in the set
    - The red adapter blade is suitable for all „electric“ torque tools, the black adapter blade for all other torque tools.

  • Product demonstration
    Important: follow the operating sequence! : 
       1. Turn QuickCheck on
       2. Insert torque tool including adapter blade (with setting of 2,8 Nm)
       3. Turn clockwise

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Wiha Torque QuickCheck

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