• Weicon Cable Stripper - No. S 4 - 28


• WEICON cable strippers allow all common round cables to be stripped accurately, 

quickly and safely. The cable stripper product family includes various types which have 

different additional functions, thus meeting the individual needs of the users.The 

Cable Stripper S 4-28 allows all common round cables of between 4 and 28 millimetres 

diameter to be stripped accurately, quickly and safely.  The cutting depth of the blade 

can be regulated infinitely with the help of an adjustment wheel in the casing. This 

prevents damage to the inner conductor. The blade is integrated self-rotating into the 

casing, allowing automatic conversion from circular to longitudinal cutting. In addition,

a hooked blade is integrated into the S 4-28 and can be lowered into the casing. 

The blade can be fixed in both positions. This leads to a significant reduction in the 

risk of injury which fixed blades can present.

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Weicon Cable Stripper - No. S 4 - 28

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