• Greenwipes Portable Box

Product Spec

Size (cm)                           26 x 33 cm
Packing Size                     400 sheets per box


GW-1108 Greenwipes Portable Box

Greenwipes Portabel Box is specially designed to replace cotton rags and is extremely effective for wiping application in various types of Manufacturing sector. It can be used across your Production line, Maintenance Department, R&D, Labs and off side jobs. most importantly, it is cheaper than the cotton rags that you are using right now. 


  • Multi Purpose Wipes for your needs.
  • Price lower than cotton rags or  industrial towel. 
  • Great for cleaning up jobs.
  • Jobs such as wiping & absorbing dirt, oil, grease, liquid.
  • Long lasting - Can be used multiple times like cloth
  • Food safe - No Chemical or Addictive
  • Multiple Application Compatible

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Greenwipes Portable Box

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