Product Spec
  • Tower for bit concept
  • Panelling for bit tower with monitor
  • TY bit package
    - BitBuddy
    - TY bits, 29 mm    PH/PZ/TORX®/hex
    - TY bits, 49 mm    PH/PZ/TORX®/hex
    - Magnetic bit holder
  • Y bit package
    - FlipSelector
    - XLSelector
    - Y bits, 25 mm    PH/PZ/TORX®
    - Y bits, 50 mm    TORX®
  • T bit package
    - FlipSelector
    - XLSelector
    - T bits, 25 mm    PH/PZ/TORZ®/hex
    - T bits, 50 mm    TORX®
  • 6x Torch
  • Wiha bit concept leaflet
  • Double hook

Features & Benefits

  • Guiding light for bits.

  • All screw fastening types covered with three Wiha bits.

  • Increases your efficiency:
    - The specialist with 120x greater lifespan thanks to optimised bit. *Compared to Wiha standard bits

  • Lowers your costs:
    - Bit quick and easy to find thanks to marking – even in dark environments when a UV light is used.

  • Saves time:
    - No long searches thanks to luminescent bit, infrequent bit replacement thanks to long lifespan.

  • Increase in sales
    - Thanks to change from standard bits to the Wiha bit concept

  • Increase in profit margin
    - Greater turnover rate thanks to attractive presentation

  • Completely successful consultations
    - thanks to clearly arranged, easily understood concept

  • Minimum consultation time
    - thanks to new, streamlined bit generation

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Wiha Bits - The Indispensable Three - New Bit Concept

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